There are ways to generate ideas and text. Freewriting is one of them. Well, what is freewriting actually about?

Freewriting, in layman’s terms, is writing freely. This is an informal method of exploring a subject by writing about it.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Write as quickly as you can without stopping for 5 – 10 minutes (or until you fill a page or screen).
  2. If you have a subject to explore, write it at the top of the page and then start writing, but if you stray, don’t worry – just keep writing. If you don’t have a subject yet, just start writing and don’t stop until the time is up. If you can’t think of anything to say, write that (“I can’t think of anything to say”) again and again until you do – and you will!
  3. Once the time is up, read over what you’ve written, and underline passages that interest you.
  4. Then write some more, starting with one of those underlined passages as your new topic. Repeat the process until you’ve come up with a usable topic.

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